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Cowl Cover Vent Repair


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As I promised, nothing will be spared out on this body restoration. Here you could follow one of the hardest parts of all. The Cowl cover is often leaved untouched in a lot of restos, because most of this guys hesitate all this dozens of spotwelds. What you could see instead of this are plastic cowl cover or cowl vent repair kits with plastic hat's. Beware of these kind of restoration if you are going to buy your mustang...
First of all I took two pictures from inside, to see if it's really neccessary to open it. My one was not too bad, but for a 100% resto it was in need to repair. Next step was drilling out all these lovely spotwelds to get a free access. After sandblasting inside and doing some little repair welds everthing was primered to receive the first skin of caspian blue again. What a feeling to see one part of my car it's original color! If these repair don't match your kind of cowl vent repair, because your's is more rusted eat this! Cowl Repair Special

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repro panel
final measure
Old front floor LH already out
Sometimes those repro panels are fitting fine
Final measuring before welding
fix before
inner rocker
a-pillar out
What ever it is???
Inner rocker completly out
A-pillar taken out
cowl panel
left box
Cowl panel clamped back again to check
Firewall extension going in
Left torque box mostly out
primered again
easy work
Inside view everything primered again
Easy working without the inner rocker panel
Just see the numerous factory spotwelds to the torque box


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