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Great handmade Workbench & first Panels going in

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Great handmade Workbench & first Panels going in


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Here you can see the great work my bodyman did on this handmade workbench. Before starting on that there was a lot of mearsuring, using Ford papers and existing Convertibled to go sure that everything will be straight again when the car will be finished sometimes...
He tooks as much fixing points as he could achieve while mearsuring twice and fix afterwards. With that construction we wanted to go sure, that we could take out everything without receiving a banana as result! You could also see the first sheet metal going in, like the front fender apron...

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Taken fender apron out
Fender apron in
Torque box taken out
workbench inside
workbench side under
workbench side
Inside Construction
Workbench construction underneath
Sideview of the Workbench construction
left side
complete view
Workbench construction left Side
Workbench construction complete view
Wood support isn't neccessary!
front view
total view
first weld
Workbench construction front view
Workbench construction total overview
First welding after sandblasting


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