Rambos Crashrepair

This is part one of Rambo's story. After starting the restoration on christine I found that passengers doors was too much rusted, to try an repair. When aksing my friend Walter for a usable door he told me that he have one, but that it's still attached to an crashed body. When I saw rambo the first time I was impressed on the good overall condition. This car should normally only be a door for Christine. The car was involved in a heavy crash with a VW Golf (btw: the Volkswagen don't overlive that!). The car was offered than as a parts car for the pricely sum of around $2700. When I saw him the first, I directly want this car, mainly to get this already rebuild and very strong engine. But when my girlfriend saw rambo she loved the car from the first moment. Also I told that it isn't possible to hold two mustangs she said "Please give him a chance, don't butcher him!". After a long search I found the right workbench to get the banana out...


centerfold rambo in 95 interieur
Centerfold Star in 1987
Rambo in 1995
Inside 1995
door out
The door after I pulled it out
Rambo after crash
The seat out of direction...
open the door
rescued pieces
Stripped at airbase Bitburg
After cutting the door with a grinder...
Parts rescued out of the damaged door
pillar curve
on the bench
This was the most damaged area
Body straight again!
Four wheel Disc's is a nice option
new fender
straight again
start welding
This is a new NPD fender and door...
The banana look is gone...
Welding started with the floor pan LH...
pillar cutout
rocker out
engine now
A-pillar cut out - A lot of spot welds
A new rocker panel would look great
Engine bay in 2000
build sheet
T5 Plate
That's one of three!!! complete build sheets
Rambo's Dataplate
T5 Plate Ford Cologne
before welding
assembled door
side priming
body parts together again and ready for welding
door reassembled to check proper fit of body
finished welding and starting paint prep
roof correction
GT pipes
fender GT prep
damage on roof repaired
testing GT pipes but too small
Closed all holes not needed for GT conversion
Quarter Repair
Quarter panels welded
Zebra look before Painting
Finished Preperation
New passenger side
New driver side
GT stripes
After painting passenger side
After painting driver side
Fixing GT- Stipes to Body
seat passenger side
seat passenger side
dusty engine
GT-Conversion complete
Interior reassembled
Enginebay nearly finished


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