Building the Unisphere

If you have seen the Unisphere only in illustrations, it is difficult to imagine that this stainless steel model of the earth rises twelve stories high. Balanced on a three-pronged base, defying the effects of wind and gravity, the Unisphere was designed, erected and donated to the Fair by the United States Steel Corporation. Well known now as the symbol of the New York World's Fair, whose theme is "Peace through Understanding," the Unisphere is also a symbol of the ingenuity of man, as expressed in pavilions throughout the Fairgrounds. The marvels that have been created to entertain you-the "Wizardry behind the Scenes"-is the subject of a story that begins on page 27 of this special issue. Shown above in its setting near the center of the grounds, surrounded by the Fountain of the Continents, the Unisphere will become a permanent landmark in park-like surroundings.

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