Chuck's Restoration 1st week production Mustang

Hello Mustangers!
I have several Mustangs actually in my posession. I have owned about 26 Mustangs in my life and still have seven of them...
From those seven ther are three particular mustangs that are very interesting. I'm talking about the production numbers 5F08F100280 and 5F08U100465, which are two convertibles made on the 9th of march 1964. Also I recently purchased a 1964 1/2 Indy Pace car coupe from it's original Owner, garaged for 30 years! That car has the VIN 5F07F112948 and is still original and very solid. At this webpage I want to show the restoration of the first week production mustang with the #280. This car was found in really rusty condition....

The other cars are:

  • 1965 A CODE COUPE
  • 1965 C CODE CONV

You could see pictures of them at WWW.1964MUSTANGS.COM which is professionally mantained by my sister. If you have questions concerning one of my cars don't hesitate to mail me at

Click on Thumbs to start Restoration Tour

  1 - The floors - Before & After pictures...  
  2 - Firewall & Wheelhouses...
  3 - Frame Repairs at the Rearend  
  4 - Cowls & Backpanel.
  5 - Rear Fender & Door fitting        


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