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Restoration of a early  64 ½ T5 Convertible


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When I learned a little bit about Mustangs (unfortunately after buying Christine) I started with the search for the cars history. The only document I had for that was a german title from 68. The first thing I realized was that Christine has been a long time sitting in a garage, because the car didn't receive a license plate since the so called "stillegung" 24.01.1974! This maybe the reason that the engine still have the old spark plugs and that the german road salt didn't eat everything from the body. In this title I found six names of former owners from which two of them were still living at the same adress! After contacting one of the first owners Werner Frese, I received a letter from him and the pictures shown below. Also the letter was written in German I try to translate it for you! Dear Mr. Schaefer (that's me!), When I received your call I was totally astonished because I never exspect that an over 30 years old mustang is following me. I'm sorry for you, that the car is actually in a desolate condition, but I hope you know "the way is the goal". I was every time very satisfied with the car and I hope that you will manage the reconstruction and that you will have a lot of fun with this "Schätzchen" (something like little treasure!). I promised to send him a picture when it's finished... Unfortunately I didn't found out what happened in the first four years of Christine's live. It's possible that a GI at a german military base ordered this car and after finishing his time in germany he sold it to a german buyer, but that's not proofed. Maybe someone will read this story and found out that this was his/her father's car... On the following pages you can watch the progress of the body restoration of Christine. It turns out to be a nightmare, because for every section we started to make our rust-repair two new rusty sections were discovered! So finally when the bodywork will be finished nearly every bodypart will be replaced or repaired. I will continue to place pictures here as the time allows.

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