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This article describes how Walt Disney & Ford were bringing back the "cavman to live. The subtitle was
The most unexspected convertible ride you'll ever take...


The most unexpected
convertible ride you'll ever take!
How would you like to step into a brand- new convertible and have it take you back hundreds of millions of years ... to the time when huge dinosaurs roamed the earth ... and cavemen hunted with rocks?   strange sounds ... sounds unheard for eons of time on earth.
As your convertible takes you past a fiery volcano erupting rivers of molten lava, you'll come upon the wildly gesturing cavemen who
  From the dawn of history, to the world of tomorrow, there's something for everybody at the 7-acre site of the Ford Wonder Rotunda. One of the first things you'll see as you enter is Henry Ford's first car, the Quadricycle. 
That's only a small part of the fantastic wonderland of sights and sounds Walt Disney's WED Enterprises has created for Ford's Magic Skyway which opens at the New York World's Fair on April 22 ... a show that will thrill you with the unexpected from start to finish!
Whisking you through magic "time tunnels," your convertible will carry you automatically to a mist-enshrouded swamp in which life-size dinosaurs and other primordial monsters noisily feed on strange vegetation in the eerie halflight. Overhead, vulture-like Pterodactyls circle and wheel ...
  He built it in 1896, after he was inspired by his own visit to a fair the Chicago Exposition of 1893.

Onward ... and UPward!
You'll also see space probe vehicles, exotic "dream" cars of the future. In the giant Adventures in Science exhibit, you'll find yourself in the middle of the innermost working parts of a computer, hear the actual emissions of celestial stars -sounds that have been traveling through space for millions of lightyears before they reach your ears! Youngsters will delight in the concerts of the animated "Auto Parts Harmonic Orchestra" playing specially composed music. Each instrument is made of actual Ford auto parts and will jiggle its valves and springs untouched by human hands as it plays the music. All in all, there's a blaze of thrilling sights and sounds for every member of the family ... as they view man's great inventions, from the wheel to lunar travel ... and beyond !
others perch atop the rugged cliffs that rise from the marshy terrain.
Bringing cavemen to "'life""
Through the miracle of modernday electronics and plastics, unbelievable realism has been faithfully achieved in the many prehistoric animals and cavemen that inhabit this part of the Ford Exhibit.
  Walt Disney takes a close look at one of the many cavemen he created for the Ford Exhibit. You'll think they're actually alive as they move about, talk and shout to each other, hunt, discover the wheel, use fire-even paint primitive designs on the walls of their caves!  
The skin of the cavemen is so lifelike, it even exudes a fine oil and bruises as easily as normal flesh! Each creature contains its own sound-producing mechanism which is activated by a built-in tape device. This, in turn, triggers air valves to operate muscle-like springs. That's why you'll think that all of these creatures are actually alive as they move about and emit their own   shout to each other as they hunt and move about in their cave dwellings producing fire . . . inventing the wheel ... even painting primitive pictures on the wall.
Entering a second "time tunnel" you'll speed by towering spires and glistening domes along a futuristic "sky highway" into the exciting Space City with its wondrous array of "things to come."
Tyrannosaurus Rex looks comparatively peaceful here, but at the Ford Wonder Rotunda, you'll see this 22-ft. high monster battle a 3000pound Stegosaurus. You'll hear them roar, see their eyes flash as they lunge at one another's armor-plated bodies in mortal combat.

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