Christines Production Tables

These are the production details of Christine. This will answer you some questions about the totals if you decode your car.
For an example I didn't understand why my car has the trim code "86" until I saw that this was only available for 64 1/2 mustangs. Also interesting is the DSO "Newark" because there are some rumors around that not only the export code "90-95" is possible for a german "T5" mustang, but also code 13 and 15. I believe that too, because there are also some "T5" signs on the car. If I found more of them I will show them here. Maybe you will ask yourself: "Why should I differ between 64 and 65 when Ford didn't do that?". The answer is quit simple. There are more than 130 differences known up to now, which is quit more than between 65 and 66 mustangs. The makes this cars unique and worth to differ. If you want me to give you totals of your car, just send me the data plate information. The second plant which produced 64 1/2 mustangs from July 13 through July 31 was San Jose. I found a few of this cars with the plant code "R" (San Jose) which I will show in my VIN & Picture Gallery until it is finished...

Model Year 5 1964 121538 Total
Assembly Plant F Dearborn (Michigan) 95%
Body Serial Code 08 Convertible 28833 / 29.7%
Engine Code U 170 CID - 1V 17.1%
Consecutive Unit # 135813 35813 Production car Plant Dearborn  
Body Style 76A Convertible - standard-trim bucket seats 76A
Build Date 15E May 15, 1964 15E
Exterior Color H Caspian Blue 7.4%
Interior Trim 86 Black with Black Appointments 18%
District Sales Office (DSO) 15 Newark 2.9%
Axle Ratio 3 3.20:1 "conventional"  
Transmission 6 "C-4" automatic  
Options PT,MC,BK,AM Power Top, Console, Backup Lights, AM-Radio  


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