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Here you could see six vintage pictures I received from one of the first owner's "Werner Frese". The car was already repainted in 68 with a light blue and had some german accessoires for light show and sport mirrors, which were common at this time. Interesting are some details in the pictures, like some missing mustang script at the hubcaps and the "T5" instead of "Mustang" in the title. The other six pictures shows you how Christine arrived at my home in august 1999. If you like to see Christine Productions Totals just click here...production totals

I hope you will have a pleasent trip through this rusty restoration of a 64 1/2 T5 Convertible called "Christine"...

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hubcaps roadtest lightshow
Werner Frese & T5 Hubcabs
Roadtest in Germany
Lightshow german style
mg meet
behind tree
MG meets Mustang
Hided behind the trees
Vintage German T5 Title
wrong bow
Arrived in my garage
Wrong mounted top bow...
Original windshield coming out
red engine
Red painted Engine
Inside the trunk...
Inside the car...


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