Summary of engine paint codes

"First - When applying these paints, I personally don't ever use any sort of primer - strip and clean the engine or parts well first, and apply the paint directly and liberally. Use the DXR-80 hardener, too.

These colors are not from any official source - they will come up with all sorts of names that have nothing to do
Knowledgebase of early Mustangswith the subject (Ford Engines). They are based on actual, original painted parts that I have had matched. The suppliers of these parts varied, as did batches of paint, so these colors are only based on a small sample - yours may have been different. If a good sample of your original paint exists, I encourage you to have it matched (and send me the codes...). But if you have no other basis, the following PPG paint codes will produce tints that judges can't argue with.
1964/65 170 & 200 Valve cover & air-cleaner red/orange: DAR 72155, matched from a December '64 build-date San Jose Mustang Valve cover.
1964 260 valve cover & air cleaner bright blue: (can't find the code right now but it is, very coincidentally...) 1970 Mustang Grabber Blue, matched from a July '64 San Jose 260 valve cover.
1966 engine blue - the darkest shade I've seen used, seems to be similar to what they used on all 66 engines, and on the 6-cylinders and 289s in 67 (basically, before the "Power by Ford" embossing was added to valve covers.): DAR 13898, matched from a '66 Mustang air-cleaner-base of unknown build date/plant.
Later engine blue - a lighter shade like was used on '67 big blocks I've seen, and on everything with the "Power by Ford" embossed valve covers at least through '70: DAR 18102, matched from an early '70 San Jose 302 2V air-cleaner-base.
The lightest engine blue I've had matched: DAR 16557, came from the air-cleaner-base from a '67 390 "GT" 4v with the chrome top - the block was very close to the 18102 above, but the air cleaner base was the lighter DAR 16557. Even this is still darker than good ole' Krylon "Ford Blue", which is the color of Ford agricultural equipment.
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