Mustang Shop Manual


Voting: *****
Use: Restorer, Collector
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Comments: This book is a must have! Take the original one which up too now still available...

This is the complete factory shop manual for the 1965 Mustang-Fairlane-Falcon-Comet and it measures 8x10 and has over 600 pages. This manual has 23 sections covering the body and chassis. It also includes, brakes, front suspension, every engine, convertible top, electrical with wiring diagrams, brake system, heating and ventalation systems, transmission and clutch, steering, body and chassis sheet metal and accessories. This is a full shop manual for the Mustang, Fairlane, Falcon and Comet. It provides the Service Technician with complete information for servicing these cars. Listed below are the groups covered together with number of information pages for each group: Vehicle Identification -- 5 pages Brakes -- 41 pages Suspension-Steering-Wheels & Tires--50 Rear Axle--31 Clutch Driveline--14 Manual Transmission--64 Automatic Transmission--55 Engine--87 Ignition--42 Fuel system--77 Cooling System--9 Exhaust System--11 Charging System--15 Starting System--9 Lights,wiring,etc.--19 Ventilating,Heating,Air-cond,radio--22 Body,doors & Windows--70 Trim Seats & Convertible Top--36 Maintenance Schedule--1 Maintenance Operations--18 Lubrication Charts--1 Specifications Index--6 pages Total pages=683 measuring 8 1/4" x 10 3/4" over 1" thick. Almost weighs 3 pounds.

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