Mustang Recognition Guide 1965-1973

Mustang Recognition Guide 1965 - 1973

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Access: ISBN 0-9624908-2-2
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This book is on of the best year-by-year, model-by-model, review of Ford’s fabulous Mustang in pictorial detail. Each car is beautifully photographed. It has all the options, interiors, exteriors, power trains, colors and more, listed and shown with over 200 color, and 320 b&w photos. This 226-page book will take you from the first Ford to carry the “MUSTANG” name thru the last of the “First Generation” Mustang, 1973. Not only does this book take you thru, “Pre Mustang”, “Development”, “Starting over”, “The debut”, “Mustangs today”, and the huge amount of photos by year and options, it also contains a vehicle code identification section. Usefull as a coffee table book wether you own a mustang or just love them.

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