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As I promised - I'll be back, her is the new version of Early-Mustang!

As long as my provider didn't cut the old PHP-Version the old wesite is still reachable over www.mustangklaus.de. This is still a beta version and it will take some weeks to finish it, but you could already use the main stuff that is already migrated. Also I will try to update most pages where ever it's neccessary.

New York worlds fair Mustang
Since I drove my first car (Ford Capri) I had a dream to get my own garage with all of the tools necessary to do a complete restoration on a classic car. At that time the car of my dreams was a Jaguar E-Type, which was thankfully out of my price range. Then, fate intervened; a friend asked me asked if he could use half of my garage to do a restoration on his 66 Mustang coupe. While helping him, I became more and more infected by the "early pony car virus". A year later I learned there was an early Mustang convertible for sale that had been sitting in the same spot for several years. I bought it, not realizing it would consume much more work than I expected. I thought it was a '65, but soon learned it was a much rarer '64 ½  model. I start to collect as much information as I could about the '64 ½ Mustangs. A great help for learning about the the history was my friend Charles Turner how guided my thru my restoration (thanks!).

Don't miss the story of the '65 Fastback called "Rambo", which nearly died after a bad crash with a VW. I have placed some high resolution photos of "Rambo on Tour" in the Gallery that you can download if you'd like. Also, check out the pictures from the 40th Anniversary Mustang Celebration in Nashville!
Thanks to all of you who have helped make this webpage a success! As you can see, the hit rate is still climbing. This is one of the most visited Mustang websites outside the US, with nearly 1,000 visitors per day! I promise to carry on the site and add more interesting articles concerning early Mustangs when I find them. If you have any questions or comments concerning the website or Early Mustangs, please feel free to leave me a message using the Feedback Form. Thank's a lot for being my guest!

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