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Convertible Top bow & Quarter Repair


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Another hard part of the body restoration is waiting here for you! The inner rocker and also the lower part of the a-pillar has to come out. To make it looking better I show how christine is looking with one original and one NOS fender again. If you have questions about that don't hesitate to ask me. After finishing the body section there will be five more sections you could follow in the future. There will be a Paint , Body and Interior reassembling, Electric and a Power train section.

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repro panel
final measure
Old front floor LH already out
Sometimes those repro panels are fitting fine
Final measuring before welding
fix before
inner rocker
a-pillar out
What ever it is???
Inner rocker completly out
A-pillar taken out
cowl panel
left box
Cowl panel clamped back again to check
Firewall extension going in
Left torque box mostly out
primered again
easy work
Inside view everything primered again
Easy working without the inner rocker panel
Just see the numerous factory spotwelds to the torque box


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